Frequently Asked Questions

Legal Issues

1. What is the legal age to purchase firearm?

In California, the legal age to purchase firearms are as following:

Handguns: 21+

Long guns: 18+

2. What is required to purchase a gun in CA?

To purchase guns in CA, buyers will need to provide FSC (Firearm Safety Certificate), state-issued ID, and second proof of address.

Should you have a non-current residential address on your ID, you will be required to provide a second proof of address with your name on it, such as:

  • Current vehicle registration
  • Current lease agreement
  • Current utility bills
3. What is FSC?

FSC, known as Firearm Safety Certificate, is a test that gun buyers must pass before becoming eligible to purchase guns.

EXA Tactical offers FSC tests in English, Chinese, and Spanish.

4. What is the 10 day-wait period about?

California government believes that having a 10 days-waiting period serves two purposes:

  1. To conduct the same background check that other states can complete within a few minutes
  2. To give buyers a “cool-off” period in case the buy is making the purchase under emotional influence.

Because the CA government feels that these two purposes will reduce crime without scientific evidences, residents of CA must wait 10 long days between purchase and pick up of their firearms.

5. I keep on hearing “this gun is not available to the CA residents because it’s not on the roster.” What is the CA Handgun Roster?

The state of California requires gun manufactures to pay a certain amount of fee and meet certain requirements to list their guns on the CA Handgun Roster.
However, two guns of the same make, model, and caliber, but with different colors or different accessories attached can be the difference between on and off the roster. In short, if the manufacture does not pay the CA government to list their guns, the CA residents will not be able to get it as a new gun.

As the 2013 regulation, new guns that want to be listed on the CA Roster must imprint a “microscopic array” on the sent shell casing; however, at this time, no manufacture offers new models of handgun that imprint such array.

Members of the law enforcement community, with valid credentials, are not affected by the CA Handgun Roster.

6. Is there a limit of how many guns I can buy per month?

Current legislation of California indicates that CA residents can buy one handgun per 30 days, but there is no limit on how many guns you can purchase for long guns.

However, there is no limit on how many guns you can purchase if the transaction is done via Private Party Transfer (PPT).

7. What if I want to sell the gun(s) I don’t shoot anymore?

Private transfer/ selling of firearms is only allowed if conducted through FFL dealers (like us) through Private Party Transfer (PPT); to conduct PPT, both sellers and buyers must be present at the store at the same time to complete the paperwork. The qualifications for PPT are the same with the qualifications for gun purchases.


1. What are you specialized in?

We are specialized in the higher-end firearms, such as Nighthawk Customs, Desert Tech, and other premium brands.

In addition, we are also specialized in customization; let us know what you want to build and we can work out a plan together!

2. What is the process of purchasing?

If you are located in Southern California, particularly in the 626 area, we recommend you to come into our store and make the transaction in the store. This way, your 10 days wait time starts when we complete the background check form for you, and there’s no wait time on shipping.

If coming to the store is not an option for you, then you can make the purchase online, and send an email to with the brand and model of your purchase. In addition, please also have your receiving FFL send a copy of their FFL information to us via email. We will update the shipping cost as soon as we receive the FFL information.

3. What if I found offers that are lower than yours?

Our price matching policy indicates that we will match and beat the price of any local dealers on items in stock only.
We are unable to match and beat the pricing of dealers outside of California, and we will not be able to match and beat the pricing of items that are not in stock.