Desert Tech HTI Chassis FDE

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Desert Tech developed the Hard Target Interdiction (HTI) sniper rifle at specific military customer request. The HTI’s bullpup design makes it the most compact and portable Hard Target Interdiction rifle in the world, 10.5 pounds lighter and 11.5 inches shorter than the M107 .50 BMG rifle currently in use. The HTI sniper rifle is a convertible multi-caliber extreme range Hard Target Interdiction weapon. Caliber options include .50 BMG, .416 Barret, .408 CheyTac, and .375 CheyTac. All chamberings are capable of 2000+ yard engagements with phenomenal penetration. When you want to take out targets really far away, behind light cover, or stop light-skinned vehicles in their tracks the HTI is your rifle of choice.

Includes: Match Trigger With Adjustable Weight & Creep, 5Rd Magazine, FDE Stock Panels, FDE Cerakote Receiver, Full Length Top Pic Rail, Pistol Grip, Adjustable Cheekpiece, QD Sling Mounts, Changes Calibers in 60 seconds with Return to Zero, Does NOT Include Conversion Kit (Barrel, Bolt, Magazine). Conversion Kit Purchased separately in Caliber of Choice: .375CT, .408CT, .416Barrett, .50BMG


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